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How long does it take Pro Drain Techs to complete a typical drain burst, or liner?2022-04-04T16:01:08+00:00

We take 1 to 2 days to complete the burst. The first day is usually to expose, complete the burst and reconnect the new sewer line. The second day is backfilling and final cleanup.

Where can Pro Drain Techs place the Interior Backwater valve?2022-04-04T16:01:12+00:00

We typically locate interior backwater valves next to the interior foundation wall where the drain pipe exits the home.

Where can Pro Drain place the backwater valve outside our home?2022-04-04T16:01:18+00:00

We can install the exterior BWV in the alley or next to the home’s exterior foundation. Access to the backwater valve must be maintained for annual inspections and servicing of the flap.

Where will the pit outside our home be located?2022-04-04T16:01:25+00:00

The house pit is located where the drain exits the home and we do our best to have the drain center of our excavation.

How big will the pits be in depth and diameter?2022-04-04T16:01:31+00:00

The pits are about 5’x 5′ square and between 7′-10′ deep. Sewers are always at different depths. Pro Drain Techs scopes and locates the drain before digging to be sure of its depth and location.

How will Pro Drain Techs connect the new seamless 4” HDPE 17 mm pipe to your home.2022-04-04T16:01:37+00:00

Pro Drain Techs uses approved Fernco fittings for the connection to your home’s drain line, then it’s covered with concrete to prevent movement and root penetration if the connection is outside the home.

How will Pro Drain Techs connect the new seamless 4” HDPE 17 mm pipe to the city main sewer.2022-04-04T16:01:42+00:00

Pro Drain Techs stubs the new HDPE into the city connection and seals it up with concrete.

Is Pro Drain Techs responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licences for the work, including but not limited to any approvals required by EPCOR and the City of Edmonton, such as a development permit, or is that the customers responsibility?2022-04-04T16:01:47+00:00

Pro Drain Techs will pull a permit for the backwater valve and that is the only permit required for us to replace the drain. If any other licences or permits are required it will be the home owner’s responsibility.

Is Pro Drain Techs responsible for contacting Alberta One Call to identify existing utilities and obtain approvals for the work or is that the customers responsibility?2021-11-17T18:51:18+00:00

Yes, Pro Drain Techs will call First Call and meet them on site, in order to get the correct lines located and the appropriate paperwork prior to excavating.

Our highly experienced staff can analyze your drain lines and piping by using the latest camera technology.

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