Drain Scope

Whether your home is new or old, rural or urban, having your drain scoped is a smart idea.

Drain Scope

Whether your home is new or old, rural or urban, having your drain scoped is a smart idea.

What Lies Beneath?

It’s a scenario that is all too familiar. You purchase a beautiful home in a mature neighbourhood or you are set to renovate your house. You love those big trees in the yard. It’s one of the reasons you choose this area and that nice, flat terrain? Heavenly! Oops, wait a minute….those trees and lack of slope could mean a damaged drain line.

Tree roots in the drain is the most common cause of drain line blockage. Older drains are also prone to cracking, collapsing and backing up due to debris. An improperly graded yard (no slope) impacts the flow in the drain. These are issues you need to be aware of before you buy or renovate a house. Failing to take drain problems into account can be costly.

Who Should Get a Drain Inspection?

It’s hard to know if you have a clogged drain, collapsed drain, tree roots in your drain or other drain line problems until you are faced with a flooded basement, are halfway through your renovation, or your sinks/shower/toilets start clogging. Factoring in an unexpected pipe repair in the middle of your renovation or house purchase will throw your budget into the red.

Whether your home is new or old, rural or urban, having your drain scoped is a smart idea. Did the landscaper include the right slope (grading) in your yard? Are those trees causing issues in your mature neighbourhood? Did the previous owner pour grease down the drain causing a buildup over time that will soon become your problem?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. You can’t see into your drains, but we can! Drain inspection is part of good home maintenance. Be proactive and contact us today.

Video Pipe Inspection and Locating

PRO DRAIN uses push cameras to look for and locate shifted, broken, clogged pipes and the most common of all sewer blockages, tree roots.

With a drain line video inspection, you do not have to dig up and expose your drain line to find the problem. Our drain experts in Edmonton provide a full video report for you on-site which shows you your entire drain line. This technology enables us to map the entire wastewater system and pinpoint problems and show you the exact whereabouts with our line locator.

We are committed to helping our clients find and learn how to protect their infrastructure by inspecting waste lines, ductwork and other channels to show them their present state.

We offer the best drain evaluation services in Edmonton.

Call Pro Drain Techs

Our professional, non-destructive video drain scoping uses advanced technology to efficiently:

  • Locate drain issues such as cracked lines, collapsed lines, etc.
  • Identify tree root infiltration or other blockages
  • Check drain slope
  • Map your wastewater system
  • With Pro Drain Techs, you don’t have the burden of exposing your entire drain line (trenching), which adds thousands of dollars to your repair bill and severely damages your yard. Our camera system will show you precisely where the issues are within your pipe system without having to dig up your line. We can then recommend the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

When Should You Call Us?

Our highly experienced staff can analyze your drain lines and piping by using the latest camera technology.