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Have you got a clogged toilet threatening to flood? Or a clogged sink that’s making your morning routine more painful than it should be?

A clogged drain can really put a dampener on your day. Pro Drain is here to make unclogging your drain hassle-free.

We’re Pros in every sense of the word. Our staff are experienced, friendly, and highly professional in all they do. And they’re equipped with all the best equipment and Drain Scope Cameras to make sure they can do their job right – every time.

My appointment was for 230pm and they called and asked if they could come right away. They arrived when they said they would. Both men took their boots off, wore masks and were extremely polite and professional. They unclogged my bathroom sink and left no trace behind that they were ever here. Would definitely recommend this company. Carter and Brennan were AWESOME
Pro Drain came out and unblocked our kitchen drain. We were very impressed with the workers, and the quality of work they provided at a reasonable price. We would have no hesitation to recommend this company. Thank you, and we will definitely be using them for any problems we have in the future.
Fantastic company to deal with from start to finish. They removed and replaced 50' of 60 year old cast iron drain pipe from below our basement slab (not a job I would want to do). The boys were very professional and left the job site spotless each night. I was actually very surprised at the quality of work considering what they charged us. I would recommend these guy's to anyone.
We moved into an old house earlier this year, and after settling in noticed a sewer odor in the basement. ProDrain Techs visited our house a couple weeks ago to assess our sewer line. The line was in reasonable condition, but they did point out that cover for the sewer and weeping tile cleanouts were old and damaged. They gave me the name of the $10 part needed to replace the covers. Since replacing these no more terrible smell! Very knowledgeable and attentive crew.
I had the please to have Brennan and Carter out to the house to locate a main line for a bathroom (toilet/sink) we want to install. The young men were courteous, polite, and found exactly what we I needed to be able to add in the bathroom. They came on time, were quick and efficient and located all the lines I would need to plumb in the toilet. Greatly appreciated and I will use this company again. Thanks Carter and Brennan. Pleasure to have you assist me.
Did a great job, and quickly. Helped me identify the problem and got it fixed!
Pro Drain Techs Carter and Bronson did an initial camera inspection of our residence's sewer line to show the significant build up of root mass at several joints in the sewer line. A week later they returned to use the specialized Rigid chain auger to flail out the roots. Their effective use of the camera and auger clearly showed the precision of the root removal. It was very reassuring to have a hi-res video on file to document the work. The technicians were professional in their interactions and explanations of the work in progress. A pleasure to deal with the company and receive excellent work for an attractive price.
Carter and Bronson were professional, courteous and informative from arrival until the job was finished. Answered all questions and left no mess. Scoped the main line and cleaned out a slow draining kitchen line that had been an ongoing problem. Checked all other drain lines that were a concern to me and made sure everything was working smoothly before they left. I couldn't be happier with their service and attitudes...a 10 out of 10.
Pro Drain Techs recently installed a new drain line to repair our existing line that had shifted over time. Ryan, the project lead on site, as well as the rest of the crew was professional and completed excellent work. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that they took throughout the process: the carpet was protected with heavy duty carpet runners, the grass was power-sweeped after the dirt was replaced, and minor damage was repaired.They were in contact with us throughout the entire process so we knew what was happening and alerted us to any challenges.
Highly recommend! Carter and Jacob were super courteous and professional. They helped me understand a perplexing drainage problem (in addition to clearing it up for me!). They also scoped all the drains in our condo building, and we are impressed with both their attention to detail and the quality of their work. 5 stars all 'round!
Very prompt and professional service. Pro Drain came in and replaced my main sewer line and added a backwater valve. All in a day and a half. They did their best to keep the disturbance to a minimum. All Well done thanks,

Pro Drain for Professional Drain Cleaning.

If you want a professional to quickly deal with your clogged drain, choose us – your drain cleaning professionals.

• Toilet Backup
• Clogged kitchen sinks
• Shower backup
• Clogged bathroom sinks
• Floor drain backup
• Main drain backup

Unclog Your Drain Quickly with Next Day Service

Pro Drain offers fast service – so fast, we’re usually available the next day!

We credit our prompt and professional drain cleaning services to our dedicated staff and the fact that we harness the power of a range of techniques and equipment. Using the best drain cleaning equipment on the market, we can quickly and efficiently remove roots, grease, ice, hair or anything else that doesn’t belong from your drain. Better still, our No Dig Trenchless Technologies allow us to permanently repair, replace, or renew your drain line with little to no digging!

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Our highly experienced staff can analyze your drain lines and piping by using the latest camera technology.