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COVID-19 Response

Pro Drain Techs have changed our standard service call routines, to safely address the Coronavirus situation, to protect our valued customers and employees.

The entire Team has reviewed the latest Coronavirus information provided by Health Canada and understands the safe steps to eliminate the possible spread of the virus when entering your home, or establishment.

Our Technicians have been instructed to stay at home if they are having any flu-like symptoms, OR if they have been in known contact of someone who has travelled aboard in the last fourteen days.

They have been instructed to not participate in any group settings and keep the recommended social distancing of 6 feet away from other individuals.

To our valued customers:
If you are having any flu-like symptoms, please inform us, so we do not put other customers or our Technicians at risk.

The Technicians providing essential services have added additional hygiene steps before entering your home and when they leave.

If you have any comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Get the latest Coronavirus information:

Our highly experienced staff can analyze your drain lines and piping by using the latest camera technology.